Academy Heads Lack Accountability

wpid-wpid-62863613_62861831-2013-05-18-19-10-2013-05-18-19-101.jpgAnother Head Teacher at an academy school has been ticked-off for spending school money on themselves rather than the children they should be committed to serving. BBC London has reported how “A Department for Education report criticised Quintin Kynaston Community Academy head teacher Jo Shuter over use of school funds.”

The report into Ms Kynaston “looked at spending between January 2011 and August 2012, detailed numerous concerns, including:

  • Ms Shuter not declaring any business interests despite having close links to a number of suppliers used by the academy.
  • “Widespread” personal use of academy taxi accounts with an estimated £2,663 of personal travel costs identified.
  • At least two cases of expenses being claimed more than once from different organisations, which “could amount to fraud”.
  • A number of issues relating to the employment of family members.”

It looks like Michael Gove’s breakneck push to make all schools academies is hitting bumps on the road. This is what happens when there is a lack of accountability in public services and a culture of arms-length executive management is thrown into the mix.


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