Audiotheque – Audio Drama Content Development Project Draft Project Brief:

Audiotheque – Audio Drama Content Development Project Draft Project Brief:

To produce a series of audio drama podcasts for the Audiotheque website.

Number of Students Needed: Up to Four Content Developers.

Outline: is a collaborative project between De Montfort University and BBC Radio Drama. The aim of the project is to introduce a new generation of listeners to audio drama.

Audiotheque aims to act as an online social media hub for collaboration, discussion and comment about audio drama, allowing people to share and distribute their work, and to experiment with new forms of audio drama.

The aim of the site is twofold:

• To enable new producers of audio drama content to collaborate online.

• To enable non-traditional audiences to access audio drama.

What is Expected from Each Student: Audio content producers will be asked to run collaborative projects that produce a series of short-form audio dramas that will be presented on the Audiotheque website. Content producers will be expected to produce work that is of high quality, innovative and creative in the use of audio, in the sound design techniques deployed, and in the way that it helps to introduce new creative talent to the process of creating audio drama.

To What Standard will the Work be Produced: Content producers are expected to work to a high professional standard, producing audio content that stands with the professionally produced content on the website. Producers will be expected to represent De Montfort University in its capacity as an official partner of BBC Radio Drama. BBC Radio Drama has high expectations about the standard of work that is submitted to the Audiotheque website, as this will be used to promote the project to an international audience of drama producers, journalists, students and members of the public.

What is the Time Frame: All production work to be completed by Easter 2012.

What Skills are Required: An ability to manage complex projects. An ability to work as part of a team. An ability to overcome significant audio technical and production issues. An ability to talk with writers, performers and members of the public. An ability to liaise with representatives of official organisations, sponsors, the festival, agents and other supporting bodies. An ability to write-up technical and editorial production plans and reports in detail.

A positive outcome may result in a supportive statement from a senior BBC representative, and contacts within the BBC Radio Drama team.

To find out more information please contact Rob Watson by email or phone 07817 720 688

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