Liverpool Sound City Podcast

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May 142013

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Sound City Festival in Liverpool to see some bands and catch-up on how the sound of Liverpool has moved on.

Here’s some of the bands I came across, including a couple from a Finish compilation CD that was being given away. I wish more effort was given to champion music by giving away decent compilation albums associated with festival.

Included in the podcast are:

A-Mo – You Like to Love
Black Twig – Death Scene
Barb-Q-Barbies – STFU
Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs – I Watch You
Francis & Master – Your Right
Cub Scouts – Evie
Golden Fable – Guiding Light
Hexvessel – Woods to Conjour
Marjo Lienonen – Huff-n-Puff
Wave Machines – Ill Fit
Delay Trees – HML
Moongai – Zombi
Delphic – Red Lights


Liverpool Anglican Cathedral

Rob Watson Media Podcast 005 – East Midlands Bands

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Feb 022013

This weeks podcast has something of an East Midlands flavour to it. I’ve been scouring Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter, to find some music that represents what’s happening in Leicester and the East Midlands. This is just a snapshot of some of the things that I found.

Track-Listing Podcast 005 2nd February 2013
SinSam – Bien (France Part2)
Meatpaker – After All, The Brain is Just a Computer Made of Meat
Daylight Frequencies – Six in the Chamber
I Am In Love – Call Me an Animal
The Sneaks – Underground
Thee Ludds – Great Pretender
Different Fish – Something’s Been Raising) My Anxiety) from the album ‘I Crawled Out Backwards’
The Pale Faces Vs. Subtitles – Who Will It Be
Internet Forever – 3D (Body in the Thames Anaglyph Mix) from the album ‘Sweeping the Nation – Doesn’t Your Balloon Ever Land’
Maybeshewill – Red Paper Lanterns – Better Late Than Never Mix
Heavy Petting  Zoo – Deathproof
Nature Set – Avalanche
Haiku Salut – Vowels as Clear as Church Bells
Just Handshakes (We’re British) – Cut and Run
KZ-ROC – Wars of Funkcromicon
Memory Wire – Eyes Open

Rob Watson Media Podcast 4 – Liverpool

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Jan 292013

There is a Liverpool theme to this week’s podcast. I travelled up to Liverpool at the weekend for a quick catch-up with my family, and rather than hanging around Liverpool One with the shoppers, I thought it might be a good idea to take a ‘snap-shot’ of some of the bands and performers that are making a name for themselves.

To help me with this, I met up with Jack Watson from ‘Windmill Moth Glue’, and Jack and I chatted about the Liverpool music scene in general, and the pressure for bands to conform now that Liverpool is a self-designated hub for culture.

Track-Listing Podcast 004 28th January 2013
Mango Shank – The Phantasmagorical Fruit Cave of Wonder
Stealing Sheep – White Lies
APATT – Yves Saint Laurent
Stig Noise Sound System – Western Europe Is 4 Weaklings (Like Us)
Windmill Moth Glue – Blade of Grass in a Bowl of Black Vomit
Enio Morricone – Dell’Orso – Matto, Caldro, Sold, Morto… Girotonday [from Dirty Angels]
Porest – Continental Revolt
Radio Pyongyang – Motherland Mega-Mix
The Hummingbirds – Doesn’t Really Matter
El Toro – Night of El Phantom
Lee Scott – Stay in School
DLA – Where I Live At (beat. One Armed Bandit)
Good Grief – Clean Up Your Own Shit, Pal
Kid Kin – You, Me & The Devil Makes Three

Rob Watson Media Podcast 3 – 80s Electro

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Jan 202013

In this week’s podcast, I’m going to follow-on from last week’s Disco theme by playing some Electro tracks from the early 1980s. Growing out of disco, the electronic music scene was pioneered by the likes of Giorgio Moroder, Jean Marc Cerrone and Harold Faltimier, with the core sound of stripped-down synths and repetitive bass-lines. These are the people who put down the foundations of contemporary Electro dance music.

Along with DJs like Frankie Knuckles and producers like Bobby O, they formed the nucleolus of the dance scene, with today’s many and various dance music sub-genres owing them a debt. While Disco was heavily influenced by black music – funk and soul, Electro was more centred on the white European sounds of Italy or Germany. Kraftwerk had been a trailblazer in the 1970s with their entirely synth generated albums, that contrasted with the ponderous guitar solos of prog-rock.

This entirely electronic sound was taken up by Moroder, Cerrone, Faltimier and others, and was turned into a string of international dance-floor hits, with the likes of Donner Summer and Grace Jones. Coming up, then, are tracks and mixes from Bobby O, Frankie Knuckles, Giorgio Moroder, Donna Summer, Divine and New Order.

Track-Listing Podcast 003 18th January 2013
Electribe 101 – Talking With Myself (Frankie Knuckles Mix)
Pet Shop Boys – I Want a Dog (Frankie Knuckles Mix)
Giorgio Moroder – From Hear to Eternity
Sylvester – You Make Me Feel Mighty Real
Bobby Orlando – She Has a Way
New Order – Blue Monday
Donna Summer – I Feel Love
Grandmaster Flash – The Message White Lines
Cerrone – Supernature
Divine – You Think You’re a Man
Giorgio Moroder – From Hear to Eternity (Reprise)

Rob Watson Media Podcast 002 Disco Special

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Jan 132013

The theme for this podcast is Disco. I’ve chosen Disco because it remains the only type of music that truly gets me dancing, even to this day. You can have all the smart and clever genres of music you like. Your ‘Dub Step’, your ‘Hip-Hop’ and your ‘Minimal Electro Beats’. But if the DJ puts Barry White on the decks, then I’m honour bound to get up and have a little boogie.


Track-Listing Podcast 002 11th January 2013

Earth Wind & Fire – Let’s Grove
Bee Gees – Night Fever
Sister Sledge – Lost in Music
Chic – Good Times
Gap Band – Oops Upside Your Head
Hughes Corporation – Rock the Boat
Kelly Marie – Feels Like I’m in Love
Lipps Inc – Funkytown
KC & The Sunshine Band – That’s the Way I Like It
Barry White, You’re the First, My Last, My Everything
Rose Royce – Car Wash
Van McCoy – The Hustle
Candi Staton and Young Hearts Run Free

Rob Watson Media Podcast 001B

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Jan 072013

Welcome to the second part of my first podcast. In each of these podcasts I’m going to share some music that I hope you will enjoy, and that I’ve made a connection as I’ve been on my travels. These podcasts are not just about looking at the past; I also hope to share some music that is on my radar during 2013.

In the first part of this podcast I played some tracks from It’s Immaterial, Brian Eno, Prince and The Beatles – music that I’d grown up with as a teenager. In this second part I’m going to play music from John Barry, Bernard Herrmann, Richard Wagner and Witold Lutoslowski, among others.

If there is a connection between these artists, it’s because I started to find film scores and composed music more interesting – ironically – than movies and pop music themselves.

Track-Listing Podcast 001B 7th January 2013

Bernard Herrmann – Fahrenheit 451 Suit
John Barry Hanover Street, Main Theme
Hans Zimmer – Inception ‘Radical Notion’
TomandAndy – Mothman Prophecies – Movement 5
A. Catalani – La Wally – From Diva
Richard Wagner – Das Rheingold – Entry of the Gods
Liszt – Liebesträume (Love Dream) No 3
Witold Lutoslowski – Concerto for Oboe, Harp and Chamber Orchestra – ‘Rapsodico’
Einojuhani Rautavaara – ‘Cantus Arcticus’ – Concerto for Birds & Orchestra

Rob Watson Media Podcast 001

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Jan 032013

Welcome to the first of my podcasts from Rob Watson Media. Over the next couple of months I’m going to share some music that I’ve grown up with, and that I’ve made a connection with over the years.

It’s not all looking at the past, I also hope to share some music that is going to lead me on a journey through 2013.

Coming up are tracks from The Teardrop Explodes, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, John Barry, Bernard Herrman, Richard Wagner and Witold Lutoslowski, among others.

As well as playing some of my favourite music, I’ll also talk about some of the authors I’m reading at the moment, and the other types of media that I’m following and enjoying.

I’ve split the podcast into two – the upbeat stuff is in the first half, and the more extended tracks are in the second half.

Track-Listing Podcast 001 4th January 2013

Pet Shop Boys – Memory of the Future (Stuart Price Extended Mix)
Brian Eno & John Cale – Lay My Love
Roxy Music – Amazona
Duke Ellington – Star Crossed Lovers
The Beatles – Norwegian Wood
Prince – You Sexy Motherfucker
It’s Immaterial – Driving Away from Home
Teardrop Explodes – Treason
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – Messages
Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Warriors of the Wasteland (Complete Mix Edit)