Jun 202018

I recently attended an advisory meeting for the British Library Save Our Sounds project on behalf of the Community Media Association. The British Library has a collection of over six million sound recordings in its archive. These are on many different formats and include recordings of “music, drama and literature, oral history, wildlife and environmental sounds.”

The purpose of the archive is to make available for posterity a national sound collection, so that scholars and researchers in the future can access a complete range of sound-based artefacts which help to tell the story of our lives and the world that we live in.

More recently the British Library has been working on a programme of digitisation that will allow visitors to the British Library collection to be able to listen to accessible versions of the recordings from the archives, with many of these recordings also being made available to listen to via the British Library website.

The British Library was awarded funding by the Heritage Lottery Fund to “digitise up to 500,000 rare, unique and at-risk sound recordings from our Sound Archive and other key collections around the country, and make as many available as possible.”

The Save Our Sounds project involves establishing a directory of the sound archives that are held in other libraries and collections around the UK, and will also see the setting up of regional hubs to help coordinate and develop support for sound collections that will inform future generations of our audio heritage.

The Community Media Association is keen to support these initiatives, as there is a focus on inclusivity and diversity in the type of sounds and materials that will be collected and added to the archive. The process hasn’t been finalised yet, but a sample of community radio stations will be recorded off-air and added to the archive.

The sound archive also gives independent community media organisations an opportunity to be included in the development of the story of sound in the United Kingdom, by submitting independent content through an automated cataloguing system that will automatically manage the collection of content to the archive.

What might be of interest in the future for community media projects, is to have significant content that is being recorded and shared within our communities to also be included in the sound archive, thus preserving a representative and diverse body of sound recordings for the future.

Dr Pat Kotchapakdee Discusses Documentary with John Coster

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Jun 052018

Today, John Coster and I were very fourtunate to spend the day with Dr Pat Kotchapakdee from Khon Kaen University in Thailand. John and Pat were able to sit down and discuss how Pat approaches his documentary work, and what he thinks is the use of telling stories through photography, film and social media platforms.

John and Pat discussing the potential for restoration of film projection equipment.

Khon Kaen Podcast

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Jun 042018

John Coster and I have been travelling in South East Asia visiting universities in Bangkok, Phnom Penh and Khon Kaen. In this podcast we talk about some of the challenges of understanding life in Thailand and Cambodia, and how we can use community and documentary media to enhance civic engagement and sustainable development.

DIY-DMU Podcast 016 ART-AI Festival

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May 022018

This week’s DIY-DMU Podcast was recorded at the Highcross Centre in Leicester, where young people were learning about the ART-AI Festival, and how Artificial Intelligence can be used creatively and artistically. John Coster and I chatted with Proffessor Tracy Harwood, from De Montfort University’s Institute of Creative Technology, and with some of her colleagues who are supporting the festival. We also had a chance to talk with some of the students and their teacher about how creative AI applications are able to help us learn and understand the world and technology in different ways.

Round the Counter Podcast Thirty Four

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May 082017

After missing last weeks episode of the Round the Counter podcast because I was ill, this week we are back with a bang, or should that be a rant. This week Dave Weight, Ben Archer and Rob Watson spent most of our time talking about the dysfunction of British politics. We got so engrossed that we even forgot to play any music. We’ll rectify that next week.

Round the Podcast Twenty Nine

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Mar 202017

Tonight’s Round the Counter Podcast was with Dave Weight and Rob Watson. We chatted about the new Sleaford Mods film, Fika coffee culture and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Some great music from Human League, Suzzie Quatro.

Round the Counter Podcast Twenty Seven

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Mar 062017

Tonight’s podcast was with Rob Watson, Scott Choucino and Ben Archer. We chatted about coping with anxiety, getting around Leicester on a bike and how videos and moving images are taking over social media. With music from Busted, Bauhaus, and Iggy Pop.

Round the Counter Podcast Twenty-Two

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Jan 302017

This weeks Round the Counter podcast is with myself, Dave Weight and Ben Archer. We have music from Iggy Pop, Duds and Patti Smith.

Round The Counter Podcast Eighteen

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Dec 212016

The latest Round the Counter podcast with Rob Watson, David Weight and Scott Choucino, and the aid of some mince pies, cheese, pickled onions and a couple of glasses of port. A lovely way to mark the Winter Solstice. Thanks to Dave and Scott for an excellent chat about stuff, and some great tunes, though we didn’t get to play Busted!

Round the Counter Podcast Sixteen

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Dec 122016

Here’s the latests Round the Counter Podcast number sixteen, with Scott Choucino and myself, Rob Watson. Playing some nice tunes and discussing what we’ve been doing for the last couple of days.