Community Media Association Conference 2013

Community Media Association Conference

For thirty years the Community Media Association has been championing and advocating for community media and it’s place in UK media. Celebrating it’s thirtieth anniversary conference today at Media City in Salford was a great moment to reflect on what has been achieved and what potential there is for the future.

The event was well attended by over one hundred delegates who had come from all over the United Kingdom to hare their experiences, network and renew their faith in community media. I spoke with delegates throughout the day, and the one thing that they had in common, was their passion and commitment in supporting an alternative way of doing media. One that is built on inclusiveness, participation and the rights of communities to speak for themselves.

Today was also a day for catching-up with friends who support stations in Lincoln, Sunderland and Manchester, while making new friends who understand the way that community media is able to transform people’s lives and show how much can be achieved if they are given the opportunity to produce radio programmes, television programmes and run arts events for themselves.

I’ve recorded some interviews that I’m going to edit on Sunday morning, so there will be a chance of hearing first-hand what people have been telling me about the value of community media.

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