DemonFM – Web Development Project

DemonFM – Web Development Project

Draft Project Brief: To develop the website of .

Number of Students Needed: Up to Six web developers

Outline: is the website representing DemonFM, De Montfort Universities’ Community Radio Station. The station is a collaborative project between De Montfort University and De Montfort Students Union. The aim of the project is twofold:

  • To give volunteers at De Montfort University the opportunity to gain experience as radio broadcasters.
  • To represent the views and interests of young people across Leicester.

DemonFM’s online service aims to act as a social media hub for the collaboration, discussion and comment about the programmes and shows that are produced for the station. Using social media techniques, allows contributors to share ideas, distribute their work online, and to experiment with new forms of radio programme making. The website presently uses Drupal as an open-source content management platform, which works by building pre-designed PHP modules that are developed through the Drupal Open Source project. The site also uses CivicRM as it’s contact management system, which allows the site managers to develop communications with members and to organise events and training sessions. Integrated with the site is a Media Wiki and a PHP Forum. The site streams simultaneous audio from the station, but otherwise uses Creative Commons licences for all media that is posted to the site.

What is Expected from Each Student: Developers will be asked to manager and improve the website for DemonFM, so that content producers, show teams, bloggers and journalists are able to distribute audio, video and text based media to the DemonFM audience. Development of the site will include ensuring that it operates in a robust, secure and scalable manner, while interconnecting with other forms of social media (such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube) and other on-line systems, such as Icecast and Rivendell. The site is aimed at non-technical users, so a strong emphasis will be placed on usability and interface issues.

To What Standard will the Work be Produced:  Developers will be expected to manage the website in a professional way, using up-to-date and industry standard solutions, while innovating in the use of interactive social media functionality. Developers will be expected to represent De Montfort University in its capacity as an official partner of DemonFM. The University and Students Union have high expectations about the standard of work that enables DemonFM’s website to function, as this will be used to promote the project to an international audience of radio producers, journalists, music producers, record companies, students and members of the public.

What is the Time Frame: All production work to be completed by Easter 2012

What Skills are Required: An ability to manage a complex project. An ability to work as part of a team. An ability to overcome significant technical and production issues. An ability to talk with non-technical users to specify design issues. An ability to liaise with representatives of official organisations, sponsors, agents and other supporting bodies. An ability to write-up technical and editorial production plans and reports in detail.
To find out more information please contact Rob Watson by email or on 07817 720 688.

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