Early Morning Cycle Trip to Loughborough

I woke up at six this morning, with the July early morning sun streaming in through the curtains. I’ve been planning to get out for a couple of hours on my bike, so I took the chance of going out early before the roads got busy. After a bit of breakfast and a mug of tea, I think I was cycling along Foss Road at quarter past seven.

My plan was to ride along the canal through Abbey Park, up to Watermead Park, and then to join the cycle route up along the A6 to Loughborough. I got a bit lost and eventually found the canal from the back of the Leicester Space Centre. I got to Birstall town centre, but never made it through Watermead Park. Perhaps next time.

After that it was a simple run up to Loughborough via Quorn. The roads in the county are certainly better maintained than the roads in the city. Trying to get out of Leicester is arduous, as dodging the pot-holes is a real effort.

I got shouted at by some old geezer for cycling on the road and not on a cycle path, which was a bit odd, as the cycle paths and routes are nowhere near as convenient as the roads themselves in places, with their crossing-points and interruptions.

I was really surprised that I was in Loughborough in just over an hour. The empty roads help at that time of day, so it’s a habit I might try to maintain. After a cup of tea in the Cafe Nero in Loughborough town centre, I headed back into Leicester in a pretty straight run. I even found Abbey Park.

I’ve been weary of cycling in Leicester because of the congestion and the sheer amount of traffic on the roads, but it’s turned out to be okay. My main concern is the number of people who ride on the pavements – get on the road, it’s safer.

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