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Fabric Music Library

You know how life is full of random connections. Sometimes you go for a long time between connections that are meaningful and which open up your experience into a new dimension. Well, I’ve experienced such a connection today, and while it looks like I’ve clearly missed-the-boat on this one, as it’s been running for some time, I’m blown away with what’s on offer – both visually and musically.

I was given a CD by a friend because we were talking about a mutual respect and like of Disco music over a glass of wine. The CD is from the Fabric series associated with the London nightclub of the same name. Fabric “occupies the renovated space of the Metropolitan Cold Stores. Smithfield Meat Market stands and operates from a site directly opposite.”

The music is associated with the SoundClash variety that brings together different genres from different periods and produces a new, elctro-driven soundscape, including hip hop, breakbeat, dubstep, drum and bass and electro.

Obviously I’ve been away from the metropolis for far too long, because this is something that I should have had an angle on a long time ago. It looks like the back-catalogue of CDs is now on my shopping list.

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