Great View, Lousy Nights Sleep

I’m in Liverpool today for training on the External Examining process at Liverpool John Moores University. I travelled up from Leicester last night. The journey was good at that time of the evening, lots of seats on the Virgin Pendoleno trains, and a reasonable set of connections. The hotel I was booked in was next to Lime Street Station – the Liner. Apparently it’s based on a ship.

The views out of my window were great, from the Metropolitan Cathedral on one side, to the Welsh foothills on the other, and Lime Street Station below. The sounds of the station echoed through the night in a reassuring and unobtrusive way. The only problem was that I couldn’t sleep. Well, I got to sleep at 10.30pm, but then wok again at 3.30am. After that I was awake until I got up at 6am and went down to the restaurant for breakfast.

I just hope I can keep awake during my training. I’ve had a couple of cups of coffee, but I doubt they will sustain me through the day. If you see me huddled in the corner of a room somewhere, make sure I’m not dribbling and let me rest.

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