My Bunged-Up Week

This week has been a bit of a struggle to keep things on-track and going. I ended back at home in bed on Tuesday and Wednesday, trying to get some rest and throw off the bug that I’ve had. Today has been better though, and I’ve been able to get myself back into the swing of work with a little more vim and vigour. It’s also been a lovely sunny day, and I’m hoping that the weather holds over the weekend. I’ll be happy if the cold snap breaks, and that I can get out for a jog, or at least a walk.

Over the week I’ve had the chance to take-stock, as one does when  considerable part of it is spent sleeping. And I’ve decided that I need to cull some of my activities, while cultivating others with more love, care and attention. So, it’s goodbye to the community choir on Monday evenings, which is a shame, because it’s really good. It’s taken me out of my comfort zone, but I’m just not able to dedicate that much time to it. I’m also probably going to shift the day that I go to my diet session. I’m determined to shift a couple of stone, but have never been able to manage it consistently while my eating habits have been so haphazard.

As soon as I add things to my diary and plan to commit myself to them, other events crop-up that seem more important, or can’t be missed. Knowing that the other people involved in these events are also busy and struggling to make things happen, in a limited time available to them, I always feel I should meet them half-way and just get on with it. So watch this space for more life-laundry issues…

I did get to see an excellent talk about Radio Drama on Thursday with Roger Wood, a PhD student of Tim O’Sullivan at DMU. Roger managed to tread the line between serious and profane with with some dexterity, especially for an open audience who were eager to hear about his experiences of writing for radio, as they hemselves also want to become writers for radio. There’s a perfect link here with Roger and Audiotheque. I must sit down and do some planning for the Audiotheque training day that Carol Leeming and I have agreed to do at the end of April.

Today I had a really positive meeting about the PL review that I’m running with Prof Bob John. The encouragement we are getting from the university to be inclusive and open to all views is really great. Ben Browne has been very open with us, and is giving us lots of encouragement to move forward with confidence. So I can’t wait to spend a couple of hours collating the documents we have put together so far, meeting with the team that Bob John is so ably building, and working with Jane Clarke to condense a set of questions that are both purposeful and have validity.

So to finish the week, I’ve bought myself some wine for the weekend, and I’m sampling a glass of Italian red that would be lovely with some smoked sausages, a cup of coffee and a cigar. The best place to buy wine in Leicester is from the Case on Millstone Lane. It’s quiet, but more than makes up for this by being the only decent wine shop in Leicester. The prices are good, with seven quid bottles lined up next to forty quid treasures. Now all I need is some chocolate and a decent film to watch, before Monday comes around again and the whole damn process starts again.

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