New Students Getting Into Radio

Radio Students checking Out the Studios

Yesterday was the first session of the new term where I was introducing student in the second year of their degrees to the wonders of radio. TECH2005 Radio Production is a general module that gets learners presenting the Intermission Show in DemonFM each day. The aim of the show is to tell stories about life on the De Montfort University Campus and it’s surrounding neighbourhoods. Some students have background in radio, having studied it before, while for others it is entirely new, and a chance for them to broaden their experience.

We did a quick spin around the room to find out what type of radio people listen to, and the results where really mixed. Some don’t listen to radio at all, but instead prefer to watch TV or to play games. Others like music radio, with BBC Radio One being very popular, while others are regular listeners to sport on BBC Five Live. Some, though, like news and politics on BBC Radio Four, and there was even an enthusiast for Radio Drama. A couple of people are already presenters on DemonFM and have been working on De Montfort Universities student-run Community Station for some time.

The first challenge of the session was to get everyone using the DMU Commons blogging system. In order to share good practice and to help develop the skills of the learners at a faster pace, I am asking learners on this module to write regular blogs about the work that they are undertaking. If we can create a community of learners who are willing to share their experience and account for the learning journey that they are on, then we can promote these learners with other students, professionals working in the industry, and anyone else who has a passion for work-based media learning. Rather than being a strictly taught set of session, this module is more about experimentation, innovation and challenge. Gifting our knowledge in this environment is incredibly important. Learning from students who have done the module before, and learning from each other will make the experience more interesting.

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