No Quarter Given Production Roles Planning

No Quarter Given Show Planning Spreadsheet

I spent this afternoons session for TECH3013 Advanced Radio Production working with the programme team to map out roles and task for the coming No Quarter Given Shows. Using Google Docs we have set-up a spreadsheet on which all of the key jobs and tasks are allocated and laid-out in a grid. This means that we can keep a track of who is supposed to be doing what and when. Google Docs has improved loads in recent times and means that we can share the document between us and update information as we go along.

Hopefully this means that the production process for the future content for No Quarter Given will be more efficiently produced and we can think about gaining access to bigger names and events. To help plan each programme we are using a document that gives the running order of the items, their timing and the script information that should be associated with the items. I like the idea of developing the scripted content for the programme. It means focussing before we venture in to the studio and really thinking about what we want to say.

At the beginning of March is the Cultural Exchanges Festival at De Montfort University, which we will be covering extensively for the programme. We are thinking of undertaking some live shows and building-in some more adventurous content, such as a live music performance. All into an hour on a Saturday morning?

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