No Quarter Given Show Six

I feel that I’m getting quite good now at putting together the No Quarter Given Show. This is the sixth show to go out as a pre-record, and the content is improving each week. Kirsty Munro has recorded some great interviews with the guys who are touring Obama Mamba at the Curve Theatre, and Nathan Human has been continuing to get out and about and talk to the organisers of the Oxjam Music Festival that is taking place in Leicester this weekend.

Armed with a spreadsheet to measure the time of the running order, a couple of smartphones and a Soundcloud account, we’ve been putting the shows together each week – sometimes in a state of panic, but increasingly with a sense of assurance and capability, if I do say so myself. The features are spot-on, and really reflect the passions and the commitments of the reporters.

As we bring in more radio production students into the process of reporting for the programme, developing content and managing the production process, I’n sure the show will get stronger and more relevant. As we each get out and about more and go and see some events in the city, then I’ll be very happy to hear that the knowledge and focus of the show will become stronger and more appealing to a creative audience who want to stay ahead of the curve in Leicester’s growing cultural scene.

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