Rob Watson Media Podcast 001B


Welcome to the second part of my first podcast. In each of these podcasts I’m going to share some music that I hope you will enjoy, and that I’ve made a connection as I’ve been on my travels. These podcasts are not just about looking at the past; I also hope to share some music that is on my radar during 2013.

In the first part of this podcast I played some tracks from It’s Immaterial, Brian Eno, Prince and The Beatles – music that I’d grown up with as a teenager. In this second part I’m going to play music from John Barry, Bernard Herrmann, Richard Wagner and Witold Lutoslowski, among others.

If there is a connection between these artists, it’s because I started to find film scores and composed music more interesting – ironically – than movies and pop music themselves.

Track-Listing Podcast 001B 7th January 2013

Bernard Herrmann – Fahrenheit 451 Suit
John Barry Hanover Street, Main Theme
Hans Zimmer – Inception ‘Radical Notion’
TomandAndy – Mothman Prophecies – Movement 5
A. Catalani – La Wally – From Diva
Richard Wagner – Das Rheingold – Entry of the Gods
Liszt – Liebesträume (Love Dream) No 3
Witold Lutoslowski – Concerto for Oboe, Harp and Chamber Orchestra – ‘Rapsodico’
Einojuhani Rautavaara – ‘Cantus Arcticus’ – Concerto for Birds & Orchestra

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