Rob Watson Media Podcast 005 – East Midlands Bands


This weeks podcast has something of an East Midlands flavour to it. I’ve been scouring Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter, to find some music that represents what’s happening in Leicester and the East Midlands. This is just a snapshot of some of the things that I found.

Track-Listing Podcast 005 2nd February 2013
SinSam – Bien (France Part2)
Meatpaker – After All, The Brain is Just a Computer Made of Meat
Daylight Frequencies – Six in the Chamber
I Am In Love – Call Me an Animal
The Sneaks – Underground
Thee Ludds – Great Pretender
Different Fish – Something’s Been Raising) My Anxiety) from the album ‘I Crawled Out Backwards’
The Pale Faces Vs. Subtitles – Who Will It Be
Internet Forever – 3D (Body in the Thames Anaglyph Mix) from the album ‘Sweeping the Nation – Doesn’t Your Balloon Ever Land’
Maybeshewill – Red Paper Lanterns – Better Late Than Never Mix
Heavy Petting  Zoo – Deathproof
Nature Set – Avalanche
Haiku Salut – Vowels as Clear as Church Bells
Just Handshakes (We’re British) – Cut and Run
KZ-ROC – Wars of Funkcromicon
Memory Wire – Eyes Open

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