‘Seldom in Recent Times…’

I’ve started to read some of Vaclav Havel’s essays, and this immediately jumped out at me…

“Seldom in recent times, it seems, has a social system offered scope so openly and so brazenly to people willing to support anything at any time, as long as it brings them some advantage to unprincipled and spineless men, prepared to do anything in their craving for power and personal gain; to born lackeys, ready for any humiliation and willing at all times to sacrifice their neighbours’ and their own honour for a chance to ingratiate themselves with those in power”.

“The overall question, is this: What profound intellectual and moral impotence will the nation suffer tomorrow, following the castration of its culture today? I fear that the baneful effects on society will outlast by many years the particular political interest that gave rise to them. So much the more guilty, in the eyes of history, are those who have sacrificed the country’s spiritual future for the sake of their power interests today” Vaclav Havel.

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