Jun 032013

On the first of June the Community Media Association held it’s annual conference at Media City in Salford, to mark thirty years of community media activism, both at home in the UK, and around the world. The power of local communities, speaking for themselves and about themselves, continues to be championed relentlessly by a growing number of community media activists.

I wanted to find out more about the community media ethos. What motivates and drives people to set-up and run their own community media groups? What is it that brings volunteers together so that they can talk, report and share their local and personal experiences that matter to them? I wanted to find out what’s at the heart of community media, and how community media activists are getting ready to face the challenges of the future?

Apr 262013

Leicester is represented by a vibrant and diverse collection of community radio stations that are run by volunteers making programmes for, and about, their local communities. In this programme I’m going to find out more about community media in Leicester. I’ve been speaking with organisers and volunteers in different community media groups, to find out what makes them tick, and why they volunteer at the front-line of the citizen media revolution. I started off by visiting Simon Parker from Citizen’s Eye, a community media news agency, who is helping people affected by homelessness find a voice.

Thanks to:
Ian Davies – Leicester People’s Photographic Gallery
Rob McCardle
Dee Barah – EavaFM
Simon Parker – Citizen’s Eye
Jon Prest – Seed Creativity