Are You Really in the Middle?

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Jul 272012

wpid-wpid-graph.php-2012-07-27-01-09-2012-07-27-01-09.pngHere’s a really handy website from the Institute of Fiscal Studies, that can work out for you where you sit on the income distribution scale. Are you a high-earner, or are you low-paid? Just how rich are you? According to the IFS

“When asked this question, most people think they are in the middle. From people in the poorest third of the income distribution, up to people in the richest five or ten per cent, many will happily report that they think they’re in the middle. Obviously, not everyone can be in the middle and IFS has used the latest data on household incomes to give you an accurate picture of where you actually are in the distribution.“Where do you fit in?” is a simple tool that lets you know your position in the income distribution and can be accessed online here or downloaded as an iPhone App.”

Boost the Economy – Give Every Child Free School Meals

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Jul 272012

Every Child Gets Fed

As we look for ways to boost the economy and get much needed cash circulating, one thing we can do straight away is give every child at school a free school meal. Not only would this help the economy by taking pressure off squeezed working families, it would also boost achievement.

According to the Institute for Fiscal Studies “When all primary school pupils in Newham and Durham were offered free school meals, attainment levels rose. Pupils in these areas made between 4 and 8 weeks more progress over a two year period than similar pupils in other areas.”

Not only would the economy benefit, as the cash that would otherwise have gone to pay for meagre meals will get spent locally by families, giving local suppliers much needed and increased orders. It will also cut the record number of children who are arriving at school hungry. They would get the help they deserve.