TECH1002 Social Media & Technology


Module Description: This module will provide a foundation for the critical study of media technology and social media production and will demonstrate research and academic writing in line with good practice. This module will provide an introduction to the critical study of social media technology, contextualising how social media is influenced and informed by related and legacy forms of media, i.e. television, radio, film, publishing, gaming, and music. The module will examine how industry and audience practices have shaped general expectations about social media, and will use social theory and critical thinking to interrogate those practices and expectations. Learners will be introduced to the use of social media production practices and techniques, and will experiment with emerging forms of social media production and media practice. Learners will be introduced to the academic standards and learning skills that are required for conducting and presenting research systematically and clearly and according to recognised academic standards. The module will introduce students to critical concepts and issues relating to the consideration of social media literacies and debates in their social, historical and theoretical contexts.

Key Words: Convergence, participation, collaboration, attention, critical consumption, social media, Web 2.0, tech-nology, media, culture, mediation, media technology, new media, digital literacies, bibliography, Har-vard reference system.

Module Outcomes: At the end of the module learners will be able to demonstrate:

  • An awareness and knowledge of the underlying concepts associated with social media.
  • An ability to interpret and evaluate terms and concepts associated with social media.
  • An ability to present data and evidence about social media principles and practices and to interpret that evidence using academic concepts.
  • An ability to produce media content (images, sound, text) using media production technologies which can then be distributed using broadcast, social or interactive social media.
  • An ability to evaluate different problem solving approaches related to social media production techniques and the media used by participants in social media networks.
  • An ability to relay information and communicate observations and findings from investigation into social media production practices.
  • An ability to try new learning practices and ideas, and to develop new skills for reflexive and self-evaluative learning.
  • An ability to manage and organise individual and group projects and to exercise personal responsibility in the completion of individual and group tasks and objectives.

Key Module Competencies:
Subject knowledge:Know, understand and apply knowledge, be able to analyse and synthesise knowledge, and critically evaluate about media technology, especially social media technology
Academic skills: basic knowledge and comprehension of information search, management, using secondary sources, referencing, written presentation standards

Digital literacy and Self-reflection: Knowing, understanding and applying technology for study and online literacy for production, participation and collaboration, demonstrate ability to evaluate and reflect on own use of technology for study skills and production and the wider context of being online

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