TECH2503 Lecture Notes


This page will have pdf versions of the lecture notes for TECH2503 Community Media Production.

Lecture Notes 2016-17

Lecture One: tech2503-17-lecture-001-community-media-principles-001-2016-09-23

Lecture Two: tech2503-17-lecture-002-community-media-development-001-2016-10-04

Lecture Three: tech2503-17-lecture-002-community-media-development-001-2016-10-04

Lecture Four:

Lecture Five:

Lecture Six: Enhancement Week

Lecture Seven:

Lecture Eight:

Lecture Nine:

Lecture Ten:

Lecture Eleven:

Lecture Twelve:

Lecture Thirteen:

Lecture Fourteen:

Lecture Fifteen:

Lecture Sixteen:

Lecture Seventeen:

Lecture Eighteen:

Lecture Nineteen: Enhancement Week

Lecture Twenty:

Lecture Twenty One:

Lecture Twenty Two:

Lecture Twenty Three:

Lecture Twenty Four: