TECH3013 Cultural Quarter Podcast Workshop Week Two

Myers-Briggs Personality Testing

At yesterdays TECH3013 Advanced Radio Production workshop we gave some thought to some ideas about how to move forward with the Cultural Quarter Podcasts for DemonFM. The first thing that we did was a Myers-Briggs personality test, which I blogged about when I undertook the test recently as well. What was interesting was the way that these results where spread across a wide range of personality types. Usually when I’ve collated the results from this they have been clustered in the bottom right-hand corner. There is a tendency for media courses to attract extroverts who are good a leading other people. What was fascinating on this occasion was how far spread the results where across a wider range of personality types. Hopefully this will make team-working easier to manage because their will be more complementary and less antagonistic personality types working against one another.

Cultural Quarter Perception Analysis

The next thing that we did was to analyse the project of producing the Cultural Quarter Podcasts on the basis of their positive or negative connotations. It is fair to say that there has been a certain amount of anxiety about this project, as a good number of students thought that we would be reporting on ballet, opera and literary festivals. When we went through some of the options and discussed the idea of culture in Leicester, it seemed to open-up a wider range of possibilities for people to go off and produce some interesting content.

Cultural Quarter Production Teams

So the final thing we did was to establish who would be working in which groups, and what roles would they play. The initial breakdown is in three areas – Presentation, Production and Technical. I then set the challenge that we want to have a completed Cultural Quarter Podcast broadcast on DemonFM and posted to the DemonFM website by Friday 21st October, with a review session of the material on Monday 24th October. I was expecting a squeal of pain at such a tight deadline, but to my surprise there was silence. Shocked silence perhaps, but a good sense that the teams will have to move quickly to undertake this work.

The main point of contact and shared information for this project is the Members Message Boards on the DemonFM Forum. I’ve started a thread that will provide us with some space to share some ideas and documents. We are going to use Facebook – the TECH3013 group only – for discussion and alerts.

The main question now is who do we talk to, what’s going to be interesting about what’s happening in Leicester, and how will we package this into something that has pull with the DemonFM audience?

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