Visit to Media Production at Winchester

There are a good number of Media Production courses around the UK these days. I have the good fortune to be an External Examiner with an emerging course at the University of Winchester that is really beginning to make a solid impact. I spent yesterday talking with students and staff on the course, and was impressed by the quiet confidence that came from the students. While avoiding arrogance, they really projected a clear sense that they know what they want to do when they gradate, and how realistic they have to be able their job prospects.

With careful guidance from their tutors, these guys have a very clear expectation that working in a media production environment isn’t all nine-to-five, or luvvies and darlings kissing the air. These guys know that work has to be done under intense circumstances and against very tight deadlines, while maintaining standards.

It’s always great to get out and see other courses, because the fresh perspective really helps to confirm what you are doing with your own course, and the way that you need to manage the expectations of students who are totally committed to working in their field, one way or another.

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