West End Life

Sharing a Mezze with Matthew

It’s been a few weeks now since I’ve moved to the West End of Leicester, and I’m starting to establish some regular haunts. Narborough Road is said to have at least fourteen different nationalities of food along it’s short length. My favourite so far has been The Yasim Patisserie, which does an excellent range of Turkish tea and coffee, and which sells a fine selection of pastries and light-lunches. The baklava is excellent. You only need a small piece as it’s very sweet, but it’s great with a strong coffee. Likewise the lentil soup has a clean and wholesome flavour, accompanied with Turkish bread that is fresh, soft and very moorish.

Further along the road is the Istanbul Restaurant, which does the best Kebabs in Leicester. These arena’t your usual back-street chip shop affairs, but proper, fresh, stand-alone meals with a texture and flavour to the meat that is deeply satisfying. The service is impeccable and very friendly, and it’s lovely to sit in a restaurant with a mix of families, students and people meeting with their friends. The meals are always filling, and the atmosphere is simple, and the whole package is very good value.

Will I be able to eat all of this…

It’s great to have choice like this just yards away from where I live. It’s a pity that the pavements along Narborough Road have been left to rot by the city council. I’ve never dodged so many large puddles and broken paving stones. Seeing so many families out walking on a Sunday evening is a real sign that the sense of community in the West End is getting stronger, but having to navigate pot holes and protruding tree stumps isn’t so much fun.

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