You Can’t Get This Anywhere Else

One of the less obvious but no less tangible benefits of being a capable and independent media producer is being able to produce content that no one else can produce and which has an essential flavour of yourself as a producer. I was discussing the process of developing sound identity packages for DemonFM with our station sound producer, Chris Longman, as we are trying to give DemonFM a more independent and unique identity. We talked about how station sound producers work and what they bring to the process of creating an aural-soundscape for a radio station – or for that matter anything that uses sound. What would make the station stand out and when Chris is applying for work in the industry, what will make him stand out?

A rather obvious thought struck me, if we originate all of the sounds, music and voices that are packaged into DemonFM ourselves, then in the process we will be able to more clearly articulate a unique identity that can’t be found anywhere else. Think of the top record producers. They each have a unique sound profile that makes them stand-out. They get this because they spend a lot of time customising the studios that they use, they treat microphones in a specific way, they use certain types of processors, the instruments that they use have a unique characteristic that they zone-in on.

If DemonFM can develop a sound style for it’s jingles and indents that are based on original productions, rather than the rather lame canned sound-effects that can be downloaded from the internet, then the station will begin to show it’s rather unique identity more easily. If you can get this sound anywhere else then why are we using it? If you can get this voice anywhere else then why are we using it? If you can hear these messages anywhere else then why are we repeating them? These questions certainly set a challenge in producing unique sound content for the station, but after-all that’s what we are here for.

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