BBC 5Live’s Olympic Joie de Vivre

The London Olympics are probably the biggest event that the United Kingdom will host for many decades to come. So how our broadcasters perform is incredibly important. Not only are the Olympics a chance to show off our national sporting prowess, they are also an opportunity to demonstrate our national proficiency in broadcasting. Leading the way for radio is BBC 5Live’s coverage across three radio channels, one on the usual medium-wave and the other two channels on DAB. BBC 5Live is doing us proud with coverage stuffed with joie de vivre, passion and an honest joy for sporting and national success.

The advantage of radio is that you can get on with other things as you listen of the events being commented on. The vast number of live events, types of sport and categories of athlete have the potential to lead to an over-flow of news and opinion, so the commentary has to be sharp, well informed and directly connected to the listener. BBC 5Live, by any standard has put together an operation that is a marvel of interconnected broadcasting, personality, facts, information and the thousands of stories that make-up the biggest show on Earth.

Drawing on a rich team of presenters and personalities, this is broadcasting on a huge scale. Peter Allen and Collin Murray, Victoria Derbyshire and March Chapman, Nicky Campbell and Rachel Burden, all form the backbone of the daytime coverage. This is fluent, knowledgable and effective broadcasting. There is a real sense that the whole of the station and the BBC Sport team are working together to make this feel easy, based, no doubt, on a huge collective effort behind the scenes.

Presenters interact with each other fluently, from multiple locations, across different venues, both from the official broadcasting studios but also down at the poolside and at street level. Radio is better than television at really getting into the heart of events. Radio is unobtrusive and connects with the general members of the public in a direct and informal way. This is great radio and we are only two days in to the whole thing. How much more exciting can it get?

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