Malta July 2018

My first visit to Malta the other week was really interesting. I’ve never been to Malta before. Not only was it very warm, with the temperature in the 30’s, it was busy, lively and full of things to do. Because Malta doesn’t have sandy beaches, it’s not really suited to families with young children. My advice would be to take some decent water-activity shoes and a decent mat to sit on the rocks, because the sea is lovely once you get in the water. Oh, and a hat, because the sun is very strong and it’s easy to get fried.

It took me a couple of days to get used to the pace and the style of doing things. We stayed in Bugibba, which overlooks St Paul’s Bay. The place we stayed can’t be described as bijou, as it has quite a few bars and restearuants, but it is very friendly and ready to welcome lots of visitors. If you find the right places to eat the standard of food is very satisfying. English is spoken pretty much everywhere, and its easy to get about on the bus.

Beacause it was so warm the best thing to do was nothing much. If I was there for another week I would have adapted and might have been more willing to get out and about and explore more. Though I think visiting a little off-season when it’s not so hot would be a better way.

Appart from visiting Valletta, which is the capital and the base of the docks and the historic fortifications, we stayed mainly close to Bugibba, though we did travel through Silema on our bus journeys. We took a boat tour around the Valletta harbour which gave us a relaxed insight into the history of Malta, and the layers of conflict that have charactersied the islands strategic importance for a couple of thousand years.

Next time I visit I want to take a cruise up to Gozo and have a decent swim around the caves. The water around the island is clear and warm, and on a calm day it’s very accessible and refreshing. The main issue, depending on where you are, is trying to get into the water in the first place, but once you are in, its relaxing and soothing.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get back soon and explore more of the island and its history. There are certainly enough churches to visit – one for each day of the year apparently.

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