Melton Consults as Economy Gets Weaker

Melton Needs an Economic Boost Now

Melton Council has today launched a consultation on economic strategy for the borough. According to the Melton Times “A DRAFT blueprint aiming to boost economic development and prosperity” is going out to the public for consultation. The consultation comes at the same time that the UK economy is struggling to get out of recession. Figures reported today tell a grim picture in which factory output has dropped significantly. The Telegraph reported “Manufacturing PMI fell from 48.4 in June to 45.4, where anything below 50 indicates contraction. The result was far weaker than analysts’ expectations of 48.6.”

As reported in the Melton Times “The strategy, which will eventually be adopted by Melton Council, highlights numerous key goals including building on Melton’s standing as the ‘rural capital of food’, increasing the number of knowledge-based/hi-tech businesses in the borough, improving links between businesses and education providers to ensure young people have the qualifications and skills the future economy needs, and supporting the Melton BID Company in its efforts to revitalise the town’s economy.”

Rutland & Melton Labour’s online organiser, Rob Watson, said in response to the consultation “It’s really important that Melton Borough Council adopts a sense of urgency and starts to use all the powers of the Borough Council to stimulate economic growth now. The focus on austerity and cuts is failing, with businesses really struggling. Melton has a lot to be proud of and there is much more that the Borough Council can do now to ensure that business are given a boost and jobs are created.”

The report can be download from the Melton Borough Council website.

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