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These are some photos I’ve been taking as I wander up and down Narborough Road in Leicester. Life on the road is changing all of the time. It is a main arterial route into the city, so it is clogged with traffic heading to the motorway, often toe-to-tail. The pavements are a nighmare and pool-up with rainwater as soon as there is a downpoor. Then there are the pavement cycelists who don’t understand that pedestrians take priority on the pavement. According to an article on the Mail Online “Narborough Road in Leicester has been dubbed the most multi-national road in Britain.” It’s worth reading the report from the London School of Economics that was published a couple of years ago that there are over twenty-two nationalities and languages represented by the different businesses on the road. When I first moved to Leicester the area was devoid of life, with mostly factory outlet shops. Over the last ten years there has been an increase in the number of food businesses and bars. There’s always something going on for sure.


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