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One of the ongoing tensions at DemonFM is the balance between preparing learners for a professional working environment and those who are volunteering for the fun of being part of a student run community radio station. On the one hand volunteers want to operate in such a way that they are ready to take up employment in the broadcast industries. But the flip side of this are the volunteers who are experiencing radio for the first time, and who use their involvement as a way of extending their social network and developing their skills outside of their course.

We have been struggling to find a title for a role that bridges these two desires while keeping DemonFM on the flat side of organisation. Our aim has been to avoid hierarchy while embedding as much direct participation as possible.

Specific titles and restrictive roles usually have the effect of putting people off and stopping them from successfully getting on with the job of producing shows. So getting the wording right is a major part of encouraging everyone to work as hard as they can, and produce material they can be proud of.

So we are going to trail the term ‘Production Support’ as a way to bring together all thoes people who help to run things at DemonFM. Everyone who helps to produce a show, or who selects and ingests music, or who monitors a show for Ofcom compliance, or who supervises our community volunteers when they are working out of hours.

Clearly there is a need to develop a set of training sessions that can help these volunteers as they themselves train other volunteers. But training is what we should be good at, after all we are part of a very distinctive university that places a lot of pride on creativity and innovation.

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