Rob Watson Media Podcast 4 – Liverpool


There is a Liverpool theme to this week’s podcast. I travelled up to Liverpool at the weekend for a quick catch-up with my family, and rather than hanging around Liverpool One with the shoppers, I thought it might be a good idea to take a ‘snap-shot’ of some of the bands and performers that are making a name for themselves.

To help me with this, I met up with Jack Watson from ‘Windmill Moth Glue’, and Jack and I chatted about the Liverpool music scene in general, and the pressure for bands to conform now that Liverpool is a self-designated hub for culture.

Track-Listing Podcast 004 28th January 2013
Mango Shank – The Phantasmagorical Fruit Cave of Wonder
Stealing Sheep – White Lies
APATT – Yves Saint Laurent
Stig Noise Sound System – Western Europe Is 4 Weaklings (Like Us)
Windmill Moth Glue – Blade of Grass in a Bowl of Black Vomit
Enio Morricone – Dell’Orso – Matto, Caldro, Sold, Morto… Girotonday [from Dirty Angels]
Porest – Continental Revolt
Radio Pyongyang – Motherland Mega-Mix
The Hummingbirds – Doesn’t Really Matter
El Toro – Night of El Phantom
Lee Scott – Stay in School
DLA – Where I Live At (beat. One Armed Bandit)
Good Grief – Clean Up Your Own Shit, Pal
Kid Kin – You, Me & The Devil Makes Three

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