Twenty Years in Leicester

Me Behind the Bar at Nikki’s 1993

This week marks twenty years of me living in Leicester and studying or working at De Montfort University. It’s certainly been an interesting time. From working in various bars and shops, to teaching media and radio, I’ve certainly been busy.

Leicester is certainly an interesting place, though the last few years have been tough, and the signs of austerity are really starting to show in places in the town centre, with the number of shops that have closed down in recent years.

It’s often said that the best thing about Leicester is the ability to get in and out of the town centre quite quickly – it’s only an hour to London, and so on. But I also think that London is overrated and overheated, and that some of the people who are running around the capital would do well if they came to Leicester and started to invest here.

Leicester is a city of potential – it struggles getting that potential going, but we are starting to see signs of change. The new market development will be a big improvement, and the focus on providing spaces for people to interact as pedestrians or as cyclists will make a big difference.

So, I’m not sure if I fancy being in Leicester for another twenty years, but then I never thought I would be here this long anyway. I think some tea and cake to celebrate over the weekend might be nice.

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