It’s The Quality Of Our Lives That Matters Not The Cost.

31 January 2023 Rob Watson 0

If the UK were following its post-war economic trend, the average household would now be forty percent better off than at present. This is the reality of the UK’s absolute decline, and is the subject of a scathing report by economic historians Adam Tooze and Brad DeLong, which details how the UK is decoupling from […]

Dying Myths of British Exceptionalism

20 January 2023 Rob Watson 0

“Government is a shared myth. When the myth dies the government dies” Leto II, God Emperor of Dune, Frank Herbert We live according to the myths and stories that we tell ourselves. During my lifetime, the dominant myth has been that the free market will solve all our problems, and that individualistic market economics will […]

Is the UK a Massive Ponzi Scheme? What Madoff Teaches Us

8 January 2023 Rob Watson 0

The Netflix series Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street is an excruciating examination of greed, hubris, denial and corruption on a grand scale. Joe Berlinger’s enthralling account of Bernie Madoff’s rise to power, and his spectacular fall that left a trail of destruction around the world, demonstrates how warped and broken speculative finance is. When […]