Messing with the Iconotypes and Archetypes

4 December 2023 Rob Watson 0

The casting of a man of South Asian descent as Isaac Newton in Doctor Who has sparked significant debate and reaction.[i] Some view this as a positive example of colour-blind casting, reflecting a more diverse and inclusive approach to storytelling. However, others have criticised the decision, citing concerns about historical accuracy and the portrayal of […]

The Other and its Limits

2 December 2023 Rob Watson 0

The primary objective of this set of notes is to provide a critical examination of ‘the Other’, not only as a theoretical construct, but also as a practical tool in shaping social interactions and communications. It’s helpful, where possible, to unravel the complexities of this concept, which has been pivotal in understanding identity formation, power […]

Overcoming Our Obsession With Identity

2 December 2023 Rob Watson 0

Aristotle defined ethics as the study of the nature of human well-being and the virtues that are central to a well-lived life, such as justice, courage, and temperance. He emphasised the practical importance of developing excellence of character, or virtue, as the way to achieve excellent conduct.[i] According to Aristotle, virtues are character dispositions or […]

Hermes and Mercury: The Role of Messengers in Myth and Psychology

18 November 2023 Rob Watson 0

In mythology, Hermes and Mercury stand out for their roles as messengers in the Greek and Roman pantheons. These figures are more than divine couriers. They represent a connection between the mortal and the divine. Carl Jung saw such mythological symbols as key to understanding the human psyche’s deeper layers. Both Hermes and Mercury play […]

The Toughest of Crowds by Graham Linehan

31 October 2023 Rob Watson 0

If you arrive late at a party, it’s virtually impossible to understand what whipped everyone up to having a good time. In arriving late, we have to stand aside and figure out what magic essence brought people together. What sparked the fuse for the resulting revelry and joyful abandon? Figuring out what got people excited […]

Material Girls Review

25 September 2023 Rob Watson 0

Once in a while, an issue bursts into the public conversation that encapsulates the challenge of the age. This issue points to deeper matters that are unresolved in our culture because there is a wound that is not healing in our collective unconscious. All it takes is a willing individual to make a public assertion […]

Sensemaking – More Than Logic

12 August 2023 Rob Watson 0

“There is not enough love and kindness in the world to permit us to give any of it away to imaginary beings.” Friedrich Nietzsche, Human, All Too Human: A Book for Free Spirits. At some point in the online conversations that I’ve been listening to recently about gender and identity, one of the speakers will […]

Unravelling the Gender Identity Discourse: A Jungian Perspective

2 August 2023 Rob Watson 0

In the divided landscape of gender identity, debates and discussions have become increasingly contentious, often mired in polarising views and societal misconceptions. As we navigate this labyrinth of identity and expression, we might find an unexpected guide in the form of Carl Gustav Jung’s psychological theories. Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist and founder of analytical […]

Labour’s Radical Meritocracy

31 July 2023 Rob Watson 0

Merit is a value system that recognises and rewards individual qualities such as talent, intelligence, skills, and effort. It is a principle that underpins a fair and equitable society by rewarding individuals based on their demonstrated abilities, qualifications, and contributions, rather than on factors such as wealth, social class, or family connections. In a merit-based […]

Avoiding Chaos and the Void

28 July 2023 Rob Watson 0

There is a great disruption in the fabric of socialmeaning. Established frames of reference and certainties are being disrupted, and previously affirmed assumptions are being displaced. We are used to science fiction stories racing against the clock to fix tears and ruptures that threaten the whole of reality. I never thought that I’d be one […]

Foundational Principles of Identity in UK

23 July 2023 Rob Watson 0

Diane Abbott, a Member of Parliament for the Labour Party in the United Kingdom, was suspended from the party after suggesting that Jewish people do not face racism, but instead, she argued, suffer prejudice similar to “redheads”. Her remarks were widely condemned, with the Board of Deputies of British Jews calling her letter “disgraceful” and […]