Overcoming Our Obsession With Identity

2 December 2023 Rob Watson 0

Aristotle defined ethics as the study of the nature of human well-being and the virtues that are central to a well-lived life, such as justice, courage, and temperance. He emphasised the practical importance of developing excellence of character, or virtue, as the way to achieve excellent conduct.[i] According to Aristotle, virtues are character dispositions or […]

Schopenhauer – The Wisdom of Life

1 November 2022 Rob Watson 0

I picked up a copy of Schopenhauer’s The Wisdom of Life, in which he outlines a number of principles for recognising and understanding how we can live a well-adjusted life. Contrary to the postmodern claims that we can reinvent ourselves based on a fluid sense of identity, Schopenhauer details the well-established and long-standing idea, that […]