Distraction Therapy – What is a Meaningful Life?

23 February 2023 Rob Watson 0

Occasionally as we journey through life we reach a fork in the road presenting us with a choice. Do we go one way along the well-worn path, or do we head along the lesser-known route and see what we can discover? I feel I have reached one of those points of choice. I can either […]

Distraction Therapy 063 – Metamodern Coffee Chat

20 February 2022 Rob Watson 0

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Android | TuneIn | RSS | MoreIf postmodernity is about playful signifiers and pastiche, then how is metamoderninity different? Ryan Clayton and I met up for a coffee, and we chatted about how we think the ‘new sincerity’ that metamodern cultural practice […]

Starting My Second Week in Bangkok

11 November 2019 Rob Watson 0

I’m starting my second week in Bangkok, and I’m settling into a routine of sorts. Once the initial novelty has worn off, it’s possible to start to get a stronger sense of what the place is like. Amid all the hustle and bustle, there is a pattern to people’s lives, much like anywhere else. It’s […]

Migrating Blog Sites

23 October 2019 Rob Watson 0

I’ve spent the last couple of days migrating my blog sites to new servers. It’s been a chore, but I’m making progress. If I was a technical blogger, I’m sure I could have had it done in next to no time. But I’m a hosting-hobbiest, so everything has gone really slow. Figuring out how to […]