DemonFM – Content Development Project

DemonFM – Content Development Project

Project Brief: To develop programming content for DemonFM

Number of Students Needed: Up to Twelve content producers

Outline: DemonFM is a community radio station run by volunteers from De Montfort University and broadcasting to young people in Leicester. The service is licensed by Ofcom and broadcast twenty four hours each day, all year. is the website representing DemonFM, De Montfort Universities’ Community Radio Station. The station is a collaborative project between De Montfort University and De Montfort Students Union. The aim of the project is twofold:

  • To give volunteers at De Montfort University the opportunity to gain experience as radio broadcasters.
  • To represent the views and interests of young people across Leicester.

The main aim of the station is to represent the interests and talent of young people in Leicester, reflecting the diversity and different backgrounds that many listeners come from. The station has the aim to be innovative, professional and credible, while developing its services through collaboration, partnership and consensus. What is Expected from Each Student: Developers will be asked to manager and improve the broadcast output for DemonFM, so that content producers, show teams, bloggers and journalists are able to produce programmes of high quality. Content includes music, audio, video and text based media. The station promotes local music, creative arts, culture and events from around Leicester. Content producers will be able to work independently or as part of a team. The station is aimed at non-specialist audience, so a strong emphasis will be placed on entertainment, while also exploring and experimenting with ways to innovate in programme production, news, music production, on-air promotion and live events.

To What Standard will the Work be Produced: Content producers will be expected to manage content in a professional way, using up-to-date and industry standard solutions, while innovating in the use of interactive social media techniques. Content producers will be expected to represent De Montfort University in its capacity as an official partner of DemonFM. The University and Students Union have high expectations about the standard of work that enables DemonFM’s to function, as the station will be promoted to an international audience of radio producers, journalists, music producers, record companies, students and members of the public.

What is the Time Frame: All production work to be completed by Easter 2012

What Skills are Required: An ability to manage a complex project. An ability to work as part of a team. An ability to overcome significant technical and production issues. An ability to talk with non-technical users to specify design issues. An ability to liaise with representatives of official organisations, sponsors, agents and other supporting bodies. An ability to write-up technical and editorial production plans and reports in detail.

To find out more information please contact Rob Watson by email or on 07817 720 688.

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