DemonFM – Championing Social Media & Creativity

wpid-wpid-wpid-IMG_0609-225x300-2011-02-11-07-08-2011-02-11-08-08-2011-02-11-08-082.jpgPart of my work at DMU is helping students run DemonFM, our full-time community radio station. Broadcasting around the clock, all year, this is a challenge not only of logistics and voluntary organisation, but also creativity and communication skills. Keeping a community radio station running, without paying anyone to do any of the jobs requires two things. Passionate volunteers, and a willingness to use social media to keep people connected and working together.

I’m going to use my future blogs here to tell you a little bit more about the experience and the journey, and point you in the direction of some of the great content that our students are producing.

Check out the station at

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